1st National Meeting of the Swedish Chemical Society

Plats: Matematikhuset Annexet, Sölvesgatan 60, Lund
Datum: 17 jun > 20. jun 2018

The National Meeting of the Swedish Chemical Society is a new institution that builds on a more than 60-year tradition of Organiker- and Analysdagarna.

The meeting will be gathering all its member divisions. We expect upwards of 500 participants, and the vision is to gather all the key people from across Swedish chemistry academia and industry under a shared umbrella.

Plenar speakers (accepted so far):
Tobin Marks, Northwestern University, USA
Klaus Müllen, Max Plank Inst, München, Germany
Daniel Nocera, Harvard, USA

In the tradition of Organiker- and Analysdagarna there will be an exhibition, interested vendors please contact Patrik Önnerfjord for more information.

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