1st Swedish Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

Plats: Stockholm
Datum: 13 sep > 14. sep 2017

1st Swedish Medicinal Chemistry Symposium
Discovering molecules able to cure disease is a major challenge for medicinal chemists and the drug discovery scientists in both academia and industry. Small molecule drug discovery has for the last decades delivered highly valuable drugs that helps improve lives of millions of patients. During the last decade there has been exciting developments in new approaches to identify, characterize and develop new compounds. There has also been an accelerating interest in drug discovery based on alternative modalities including macrocycles, peptides, and nucleotides.

We hereby invite you to participate in the 1st Swedish Medicinal Chemistry Symposium organized by the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society. The two-day meeting will focus on recent advances in Swedish drug discovery research with contributions from both academia and industry. The meeting also provides an excellent opportunity for networking.

At the Symposium, the 2017 Medicinal Chemistry prizewinner will be presented. The prize has been awarded since 1993, by the Medicinal Chemistry section of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society, to a person(s) who has made significant contributions within the area of Medicinal Chemistry in Sweden.

The agenda will include successful case studies, new opportunities in medicinal chemistry including alternative modalities, fragment based drug discovery, methods to target protein -protein interactions as well as new concepts in in silico based drug discovery.

Confirmed speakers
Jens Carlsson, Uppsala Universitet; Ulf Göransson, Uppsala Universitet; Jan Kihlberg, Uppsala Universitet; Fredrik Rahm, SprintBioscience; Lena Ripa, AstraZeneca; Roger Strömberg, Karolinska Institutet; Johan Ulander, AstraZeneca; Erik Valeur, AstraZeneca; Jenny Viklund, SprintBioscience; Björn Walse, SARomics Biostructures and Fredrik Zetterberg, Galecto Biotech.

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